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All members in our advanced teaching team have study or work experience in foreign countries, and are capable for teaching in English.  

From the beginning the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering has been set up to build up a world leading program of research and education in oceanography. Teaching and research at the department are currently focused on physical oceanography, microbial oceanography and marine geomicrobiology, marine geophysics, and ocean engineering. Faculty at the department will actively participate in, or lead the international ocean research projects/programs aiming to rapidly increase the international exposure of the South University of Science and Technology of China.

The top priority of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering is to build up a word-class team of faculty. By the end of August 2016 the faculty team will include one CAS academician, two Changjiang Scholars, two recipients of the “Thousand Talents Program”, and two recipients of the “Thousand Young Talents Program”. The head of the department is Prof. Yongshun John Chen (PhD 89, Princeton U.) who is a Changjiang Scholar and recipient of “National Outstanding Young Scientist”. As the current chair of the InterRidge, he is well known internationally in the mid-ocean ridge research community. All faculty members have either studied or working experience abroad, and therefore, are able to use fluent English in teaching.

Building upon the platform provided by the Institute of Ocean Engineering of Shenzhen which is funded by the Shenzhen City Government, the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering will soon become an oceanographic institution equipped with a research vessel (R/V Shenzhen), a dock, and a multidisciplinary laboratory of ocean engineering, which will allow us to keep breast with the world-leading institutions of oceanography such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and ,the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the United States, and the National Oceanography Centre in Southhapmton of the United Kingdom.

Relying on the offshore and unique geographical advantages of Shenzhen city, being assisted by the government policy “deep sea exploration”,

the large South Sea discipline construction is going to be a well-known international marine science and engineering research base for five years, in the meanwhile, it is going to cultivating high level talents of national deep-sea research strategy for "The Belt and Road

Strategic focus

        In 5 years, finishing the application and construction of three characteristic marine scientific research centers:
        Marine geophysical research and Physical Oceanography Center
        Marine microbial and biogeochemical Research Center
        Marine engineering and Technology Research Cente
        Building the SUSTC scientific investigation ship Shenzhen (5000 tons) as soon as possible. In 2020, SUSTC plans to have the first scientific investigation sail round the world, to drive Shenzhen towards the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and to show the world SUSTC and Shenzhen City
        apeng New District provides opportunities for us using the gold coast to build the SUSTC dock and marine science laboratory, which supports the deep sea expedition sails for Shenzhen and China

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