Professor Qingsong LIU Going to Zhiren College to Make Report of “Approaching Science”
2016-11-20   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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We live in an era of science and cannot live without it in life. Scientific research is our dream and pursuit. On November 20, professor Qingsong LIU of our department was invited to Zhiren College to hold a report sharing meeting with the title of “Approaching Science”.

With combination of his scientific research experience and personal feeling, professor Qingsong LIU elaborated his understanding of science, dated the evolution history of the science, reconstructed the overview of the scientific connotation and proposed his thinking and cognition of the direction of scientific exploration and how to conduct the scientific research.

Professor Qingsong LIU shared lots of vivid and interesting scientific research stories and recent research direction of his research group, welcomed the interested students to attend the research on the ocean science and encouraged the students to strive to study to make their dream come true.



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