DFC organized to inspect Shenzhen Dapeng National Geoparck - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
DFC organized to inspect Shenzhen Dapeng National Geoparck
2018-04-10   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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      On March 31st, DFC organized 38 students to have an on-the-spot investigation in Shenzhen National Geopark in Dapeng peninsula.  Assistant Professor Zhou Yumin from Department of ocean science and engineering led this activity.

      Shenzhen National Geopark is located in the piedmont of Qiniangshan, covering th e area of 5410 m2, which is an important window of popular science education and fills a leak of lack related to the Shenzhen museums.  Qiniangshan is in the south of Dapeng Peninsula with the sea of 3 sides.  Its major peak reaches 867.4 m above the sea level, which is the second highest mountain in Shenzhen.  The park reserves full and complete geological structures like volcanic dome, volcanic cone, volcanic column made of ancient volcano eruption.

Group picture

       On the process of marching, students were divided into several groups to have an interesting competition.  After reaching, students together with teachers visited the museum then climbed QIniangshan to investigate.  The leading teacher shared the geological knowledge and let students learn about the rocks and history on the process of climbing.

Professor Zhou Yumin’s teaching

On the top of the mountain

       At last, DFC held the 1st photography game, students picked out 20 most popular pictures and selected 6 awarding pictures grouped figures and scenery.

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