Ocean Department and Dive for Love Volunteers Association Hold Exchange Meeting Successfully - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
Ocean Department and Dive for Love Volunteers Association Hold Exchange Meeting Successfully
2018-04-10   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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      On 1st March, the students organization DFC from department of ocean science and engineering cooperates with Dive for Love volunteers association to hold an exchange meeting successfully—to our future lost coral reefs.  The participants include over 30 students or teachers of SUSTech, Professor Zhang Chuanlun, Professor Xu jingping and Guest Professor Wang Bing from Shenzhen University and Secretary General of Dive for Love Morgan.

Meeting picture

      Professor Wang introduced the basic situation of coral reefs in Shenzhen.  Showing some of his own pictures and comparing, students learnt about the species and lifestyle of coral reefs.  Besides, we all attached the importance to the protection of coral reefs.

      If you have a dream, how will you do?  Morgan told us using his own experiences.  From a small scale of several people to put forward the government to build the marine coral conservation, appeal to the public to be the defenders voluntarily and create a cross-border integration of government, fishing village, public, corporation to protect coral reefs in a short 5 years, Morgan shared his ideas and thoughts to the students.

General Secretary of Five for Love Morgan


      Later, the member of DFC Zhao Jiahua and Hu Shijie shared their intertidal zone traveling. At last, another member of DFC Luo Jinwei made a conclusion and announced DFC x Dive for Love Liaison Office recruit personnel formally.

      This activity provides students interested in ocean with a learning platform to learn about the situation of coral and significance of protection.  At the same time, the cooperation with Dive for Love also enriches the extracurricular activities.

                                                                                          Pictures/Zeng Jiankun

                                                                                    News/Zhang Junyuan, Hu Shijie

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