The third salon of DFC - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
The third salon of DFC
2017-11-24   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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On November 20th at the Zhi cheng Room, the third salon organized by DFC Club did begin.  This salon invited Joy Zhang and Micha Babbitt who graduates separately from Stanford University and Columbia University.  They gave an educational topic “US college experiences”.



Joy talked about her living during the high school and university and shared her deep and original views on the development of career after their introductions.  Students all paid attention to her speaking and are deeply interested in that.



Next, handsome Micah shared his university living.  Micah owns double bachelors on Math and Environmental Engineering.  Now he devoted himself to doing jobs on solar energy.  At the same time, Micah also added her own thoughts about study and career.  Through his speaking, students have a good knowledge about him.




Then, students had a quiz on career.  Joy once did same thing at Stanford.  That is to help students to design and plan the future career under the lead of this quiz.



After finishing, people had an intense discussion.



At last, students shared their answers and thoughts for the future career and Joy and Micah joined them.


This speech is aimed at designing career whose purpose is to help students to acquire new knowledge in career under the communications with elites with different cultural backgrounds.

Looking forward our next activity, please.





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