The second salon of DFC - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
The second salon of DFC
2017-11-10   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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At 4 pm On October 26th afternoon in the Room 110 of library, the second salon from DFC club of department of ocean science and technology has opened: two professors Tommy and Susan coming from Tennessee University carried out a deep and touching speech whose theme is “Looking for lives in all the wrong places.”


Professor Tommy and Susan introduced their specialities.  Abundant scientific means and excellent research contents appealed each student present.  Later, Tommy and Susan interacted kindly with students.  Tommy mentioned the original intention in scientific area is due to interests and strict scholarship spirit has been helping him a lot.



        After forum, Tommy and Susan took group photos with students.


At 6:30 pm on October 29th, the Room 311, building 6, wisdom garden filled with fantasy festival atmosphere: all kinds of balloons, posters, cap hats and cloaks attracted people’s attention.  The second half of the salon—Halloween party opened.  Teachers and children put on fantastic cloth, wore distinct masks coming into the room. With joy on their faces, students took photos with each other.



At the beginning of the party, professor Zhang Chuanlun gave a brief speech.  His slides arose the memories of deep friendship between Tommy and Susan for many years and touched deeply present people.



After Zhang’s touched talking,  the members of DFC played the first game:  seeking specific goods and taking photo.  Students enjoyed themselves in this game.



The busiest and most interesting game is “making pumpkin lamps”.  Students rolled up their sleeves and activated the brains, making unique pumpkin lamps with high enthusiasm.  After a while, all sorts of fantastic and unique pumpkin lamps successfully emerged.



After lamps, students started another round of game—“you draw, I guess”. The process of the game produced many funnies, giving birth to soul paintings, blind guess, answer pioneers.  How numerous the talents are in DFC.



Finally, the most exciting activity came— taking photos for shining pumpkin lamps. Seeing the orange beams from pumpkin lamps, students took out their phones to photograph as souvenirs with the joy in their hearts.


Since the establishment of DFC, it has carried out more than 20 activities. 52% of which are the students-led to complete the implementation of the plan, and the number of members of the DFC has reached 116.  As we continue to organize activities, the students on the DFC’s awareness is also slowly changing.  The new member holding the heart of playing to join the DFC has gradually generated interests on ocean science, and they start to organize spontaneously activities.  The scheme team of this salon is attracted by the first salon and they a group of 17 class students decide to lead this activity.



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