Marine Salon and DFC Party “Diving in the SCS” - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
Marine Salon and DFC Party “Diving in the SCS”
2017-10-13   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Marine Salon and DFC Party “Diving in the SCS”


              At 4 pm on October 12th, a wonderful salon organized by Department of Ocean Science & Engineering  began at the Zhiren college activity Room. Students sat on the floor communicating with professor Xu Jingping about “marine science and Jiaolong”.



Prof. Xu introduced his research experience



Students listened to Xu’s lectures


              Prof. Xu introduced his own research experiences and then used a world map guiding the students to walk through the fabulous scientific journey with him: From Mount Everest to Mariana Trench, from the Everest base camp to the focus of this salon — the samall craft that named Jiaolong. In the presentation, the mood of students appealed to dive into the unpredictable oceanic world. Dozens of students were attracted by such amount of research experiences. In the meanwhile, they also studied a lot from Prof. Xu’s stories  and acquired a lot from the ideas of the brainstorm for sure.



DFC salon tea break


             After Prof. Xu’s presentation, teachers and students came to the 2nd floor open area of Chinese Restaurant and participated in the refreshments and party activity. The delicious food drew everyone’s attention: colorful cakes, fragrant pizzas, fresh crispy chicken wings and a variety of drinks, which made students can’t stop to hold their table wares to enjoy. Meanwhile, DFC invited professors to carry out self-introductions in turn and took photos with students after that.


            Later, various kinds of exciting activities followed. The violin solo from DFC brought a sense of romantic to the party. The beautiful sound made people lost in it. Besides, DFC prepared the knowledge contest for the sustechee. Students exhibited their talents and won the fine presents.



DFC originator Prof. Zhang and his wife sang


            Followed by the competition, under the desirable expects of students, the teachers came into the central of the crowd. Different from their daily figures with wisdom and sense, they broke though themselves and sang with the mellow voice: Professor Zhang Chuanlun and his wife performed Harbor Night; Professor Li Ying and Li Xinxin together sang Ocean belonging to the famous singer Zhang Yusheng. The curiosity of students got extreme satisfied and all of them reveled in their voices.


Professors and students danced


             The last and the most exciting moments were coming: all the professors and students danced one after another in the music Gangnam Style lead by DFC. The crowd enjoyed these unforgettable and relaxing moments, and with the most exciting moments, the salon is over.


Picture of professors and students



Department of Ocean Science & Engineering Deep Fishing Club

Essay/ Cai Chen

Figure/ Zeng Jiankun /Wei Tong

Translate/Zeng Jiankun




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