Department of Ocean Science & Engineering’s 2017 Graduate Summer Camp - Department of Ocean Science & Engineering
Department of Ocean Science & Engineering’s 2017 Graduate Summer Camp
2017-07-15   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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In order to deepen the students’ understanding of SUSTech’s Department of Ocean Science & Engineering, enhance exchanges between professors and students and choose outstanding students with spirit of scientific innovation, the Department of Ocean Science & Engineering held a Graduate enrollment summer camp on July 12-14. The selected students came from Peking University, Wuhan University, China University of Geosciences and Chinese Marine University.


On the afternoon of July 12th, our department held a series of faculty presentations These Professors introduced marine science and marine engineering related knowledge to visiting students.




Firstly, Prof. Chen Yongshun, Chair of the department, welcomed all students to participate in the summer camp. He then introduced the Department of Ocean Science & Engineering, highlighting the immense opportunities the department would have toward establishing a world class research and teaching institution in China.  At the same time, Professor Chen introduced R/V “Shenzhen” to be built with the support from the Shenzhen City. In addition, he also introduced the Shenzhen Institute of Oceanography pending to be established and the international cooperative research programme “EarthScope-Ocean”. In the end, Prof. Chen presented the students with a visit to the drilling ship and various conferences, reflecting the rich scientific research activities and academic atmosphere of the Department of Ocean Science & Engineering.



Professor Yang Ting introduced marine geophysics and the SUSTech OBS designed independently by Department of Ocean Science & Engineering.



Assistant Professor Guo Zhen started point from why we need to understand our earth to  introduce seismology and its field work the research results of his research group in recent years.



Professor Liu Qingsong presented students with marine geology and marine magnetism.



Assistant professor Zhou Youmin has demonstrated the change of geomagnetic field and the law of magnetic pole reversal from two aspects of time and space



Assistant Professor Li Ying introduced the three-dimensional model of Marine Atmospheric Physics and atmospheric environment as well as air quality from the topic of “PM2.5” which has been hotly discussed in recent years.



Assistant Professor Li Xinxin from the “University”, “change” and “dream” to start with a popular and easy way to introduce the marine scientific research environment, share some interesting work in marine research experiments.



Professor Bai Yong introduced the ocean platform, submarine cable, underwater engineering, marine energy development and other marine engineering related knowledge.



Professor Zhang Chuanlun summarized SUSTech as “being unique” in three aspects. The first uniqueness relates to the faculty and students: SUSTech is the most innovative university in China. Professors and students at SUSTech aim high in qualification, productivity, and self-discipline. The second uniqueness is “the academic atmosphere”: SUSTech initiated a free and equal academic approach, a value shared by all faculty and staff. The third uniqueness is “undergraduate training”: at SUSTech, the undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in meeting and conferences at all levels. Furthermore, students graduating from our department would have  characteristics reflecting on “frankness”, “generosity”, “graciousness” and “elegancy “.



Toward the end of the meeting, students did a brief self-introduction and shared the feelings after listening to the seminar and the deep understanding of marine science knowledge and understanding. They all expressed a deep interest in joining Department of Ocean Science & Engineering for their future scientific research.


On July 13th, the held interview assessment for the students participating in the summer camp, which was followed by a Q & A session on the professional and technical issues and scientific research. The students unanimously reflected that the professors in the Department of Oceanography are knowledgeable and resourceful.



The professors answered questions from students


In the morning of July 14th, students visited the laboratory of the Department of Ocean Science & Engineering in accordance with their own professional interests and directions and conducted further exchanges with their teachers.



Xu Shuqi and Zhang Siyu visited professor Zhang Chuanlun and Li Xinxin in the Marine Microbiology Laboratory



Lu Yongjia and Pan Yipeng made further communication with teacher Li Ying in the laboratory


This Department of Ocean Science & Engineering’s summer camp led the outstanding students from around the country to get more in-depth understanding of the South Ocean, more determined to continue to study in SUSTech, together with the department based in Shenzhen and take a broad view of the world’s three oceans.


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