First Teaching and Scientific Research Work Meeting Held by Department of Ocean Science and Engineering
2016-11-07   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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On November 7, 2016, the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering held the first teaching and scientific research work meeting, with 17 teaching and administrative staff attending it. The meeting was designed to organize the train of thought and gather cohesion for further development of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, with such topics as scientific research, teaching, student enrollment promotion and international cooperation involved. The meeting was hosted by dean Yongshun CHEN. 





First, dean Yongshun CHEN summarized the current discipline construction and development situation of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering. Since its establishment, the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering has made obvious progress in terms of talent team building, application of scientific research projects and international exchange. It preliminarily built a teaching and scientific research team with reasonable structure and vigor, consisting of 12 full-time teachers who have been in-service and will be in-service, including 7 professors, and 5 assistant professors. Among them, there is 1 academician of the CAS, 2 Chang Jiang Scholars, 2 experts of Thousand Talents Plan, 3 national outstanding young persons and 1 young talent of Ten Thousand Talents Plan.


Dean Yongshun CHEN drew the development vision and discipline construction roadmap of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering. In the following five years, the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering will mainly construct such five disciplines as physical oceanography, organism and microorganism oceanography, marine geophysics, marine geology and oceanics, which is committed to cultivating the internationalized high-caliber deep sea research talents. With Shenzhen Ocean Research Institute constructed by Shenzhen Government as the key ocean technical R&D platform, it will rapidly construct an international famous ocean science and engineering research base with scientific investigation vessel, wharf, ocean equipment and engineering technology.


After dean Yongshun CHEN made the speech, Yan WANG, director of the department office reported the organizational chart, responsibility division and information about the establishment of the Consultant Committee. Later, dean Yongshun CHEN hosted to discuss the undergraduate cultivation plan and enrollment work of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, organized settings of the fundamental major courses, core major courses and optional major courses and determined the class plan in Spring of 2017. Such topics as talent introduction and international cooperation were discussed at the meeting. All professors of the department think that the talents shall be introduced strictly and the high quality talents with high business ability shall be introduced to strive to create the academic atmosphere with academic teaching and loose management. The Department of Ocean Science and Engineering mainly aims at attending or leading the research program in the international ocean field and enhancing the reputation of SUSTC in the international academic field through international cooperation.





The meeting also made an arrangement and deployment for a series of key events to be conducted recently. The Department of Ocean Science and Engineering will invite 12 academicians to hold the scientific investigation vessel demonstration meeting of SUSTC to Shenzhen on November 19, hold the discussion meeting about the establishment of the Ocean Research Institute on November 21-25 and hold the forum on young ocean scientists on November 26-27. The domestic and overseas young scientists will be invited then.


This teaching and scientific research work meeting defined the recent development direction of the teaching and scientific research of our department, which lays foundation for our department to further achieve its ambitious objective.

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