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The ocean into China in 13th Five-Year advanced technology development layout in key areas
2016-12-25   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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A few days ago, the State Council issued the National Strategic Development Planning for Emerging Industry of the “13th Five-year Plan”, which proposed to arrange the cutting-edge technology R&D with a global view to continuously simulate the new industry and achieve the breakthrough in such core fields as air-space-ocean



It is pointed out in the Planning to pay much attention to the subversive technical and commercial mode innovation, form unique advantages in several necessary strategic fields and master the industrial development initiative in the future to provide the strategic reserve and expand the strategic space for sustainable economic and social development.

Recently, China has continuously achieved technical breakthrough in “space and ocean”. The launch of Long March No. 5 “big rocket” strengthens the ability of China to enter the space; entry the sea of “Jiaolong” refreshes the deep diving records of China……


Along with continuous development of the exploration of human in the air-space-ocean field, this field has become the key layout field of the cutting-edge technology R&D of the strategic emerging industry during the “13th Five-year”.

According to the Planning, during the “13th Five-year”, China will significantly enhance its ability to enter the space, break through the key technology of the design, manufacturing and advanced control of the engine with high thrust and rocket with major diameter and develop the heavy launcher to guarantee the implementation of the major spaceflight task in the future, develop the space transportation system with high speed, low cost, repetitive use and light load and deploy the automatic navigation and flight technology of the spacecraft with high space orientation accuracy in advance.

It is proposed in the Planning to accelerate to develop the new spacecraft, strengthen the key technology R&D of ultrahigh resolution, ultrahigh accuracy space-time standard, superspeed safety communication, high performance on-board processing, high power supply and new material, develop the new application satellite, establish the advanced manned space science experiment platform and life support system, develop the light weight and small size technology of the spacecraft, promote standard and orderly development of the applied micro, nano and pico-satellite, deploy and launch the new test satellite, accelerate to develop such new spacecrafts as near space spacecraft and reusable spacecraft facing the task in the future.


According to the Planning, China will accelerate to research and develop the key technology breakthrough and major product in the aviation field, deploy the key technology research of the new electrical motor with the hydrogen fuel and hybrid power in advance, enhance the independent development ability of the aviation industry in the future, accelerate to develop such strategic aeronautic equipment as multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicle and newly structured airplane, prospectively deploy the supersonic business machine, overall pneumatic technology with new concept and structure, advanced and highly reliable electromechanical technology, new generation avionics system, aviation new material and new compound material processing technology.

In the ocean field, it is proposed in the Planning to develop the new generation deep and open sea polar region technical equipment and system, establish the deep sea area research base, develop such key technologies and equipment as ocean remote sensing and navigation, underwater sound detection, deep sea sensor, unmanned and manned deep diving, deep sea space station, deep sea observation system, “space-ocean-bottom” integrated communication positioning, new ocean observation satellite, vigorously develop the polar region resource development and utilization equipment and system as well as polar region robot and nuclear power icebreaker.



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