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Development Thought and Key Direction of Chinese Ocean Engineering Equipment and High-tech Ship Development in Following Decade
2016-12-15   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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In the following ten years, the shipping industry of China shall be closely based on the strategy of powerful ocean country and ambitious objective to construct a world’s shipbuilding country, give full play to the market mechanism role, comply with the new tendency of world’s shipbuilding competition and ship scientific and technological development, strengthen innovation driving, take the restructuring and transformation and upgrading as a main line and automation and branding of the ocean engineering equipment and high-tech ship products and their supporting equipment as a main development direction, promote digital, networked and intelligentized manufacturing as breakthrough, continuously enhance the industrial development level, quality and benefit to strive to become a leader in the world’s engineering equipment and high-tech ship by 2025, so as to achieve qualitative leap from being large to strong of the ship industry. 



Made in China 2025 definitely points out that the ocean engineering equipment and high-tech ship field will vigorously develop the deep sea detection, resource development and utilization, maritime operation guarantee equipment and its key system and special equipment; promote development and engineering of the deep sea space station and large floating structure; form the comprehensive test, detection and identification capacity of the ocean engineering equipment to enhance the ocean development and utilization level; break through the design and building technology of luxury cruise ship to enhance the international competitiveness of the LNG high-tech ship and master the integrated, intelligentized and modularized design and building technology of the key supporting equipment.


According to the industrial development stage, development basis and conditions, the development direction and key points of the ocean engineering equipment and high-tech ship in the following decade are as follows:

(I)Marine resource development equipment

The ocean resources include marine oil and gas resources, mineral resources, marine biological resources, seawater chemical resources, marine energy resources and marine space resources. The marine resource development equipment means various marine resource exploration, exploitation, storage and processing equipment.

1.Deep sea detection device. Mainly develop such marine resource exploration equipment as deep sea geophysical vessel and engineering investigation vessel; vigorously develop such underwater detection equipment as manned submersible and unmanned submersible; promote the research and industrialization of the marine observation network and technology and marine sensing technology.

2.Marine oil and gas resource development equipment. Mainly enhance the technological capacity of such main equipment as self-elevating drilling platform, semi-submersible drilling platform, semi-submersible production platform, semi-submersible supporting platform, drilling ship and floating production oil storage ship (FPSO); vigorously develop the R&D level of such new equipment as LNG-FPSO, SPAR, TLP and FDPSO to form the industrialized capacity.


3.Other marine resource development equipment. Based on the requirements of marine resource development in the future, mainly conduct the prospective study of such ne marine resource development equipment as metallic ore exploration and development equipment, natural gas hydrate mining equipment and development equipment of such renewable energy as wave energy/ tidal energy to form the technical reserve.


4.Maritime operation guarantee equipment. Mainly promote development of the maritime engineering auxiliary and engineering construction equipment such as semi-submersible transport ship, lifting pipe-laying ship, wind power installation ship, multipurpose vessel and platform supply vessel to accelerate development and application of the deep sea underwater emergency operation equipment and system.


(II)Marine space resource development equipment


Marine space resources mean the geographic areas of the sea surface, sea and its bed relating to the marine development and utilization and the equipment for comprehensively utilizing the sea surface, sea and its bed may be collectively called marine space resource development equipment.

1.Deep sea space station. Break through the key technology of the oversized submersible operation and dwelling deep sea space station, which has such fundamental functions as manned autonomous sailing, long-term self-supporting and underwater energy relaying and may integrate several special modules (marine resource detection module, underwater drilling module, platform underwater installation module, underwater detection/ maintenance/ repair module) and bring various underwater operation equipment to implement the deep sea detection and resource development operation.

2.Marine large floating structures. Mainly aim at development of the South China Sea. With combination of its island and islet construction, conduct the floating platform construction through breaking through the core key technology of the maritime large floating platform, according to such different function requirements as energy supply, material storage and supply, production and living, resource development and utilization and airplane takeoff and landing and based on the typical island and islet.


(III)Comprehensive test detection platform


The comprehensive test detection platform is a foundation to research, develop and design the ocean engineering equipment and its supporting equipment, which is the innovation source and driving force of development.

1.Numerical tank. Aim at narrowing the gap between the ship design theoretical and technical level of china and the international leading level and construct the numerical tank which may actually guide the ship and ocean engineering R&D and design through phased implementation.


2.Maritime test field of the ocean engineering equipment. Aim at systematically solving the essential issues of the automation and industrialization of the key supporting equipment of the ocean engineering equipment of China. Through constructing the maritime test field of the ocean engineering equipment, perform the durability and reliability test for various platform equipment and underwater equipment and accelerate the domestication of the ocean engineering equipment of China.


Next key development points of the ship field: First, achieve the product green and intelligentized process; second, achieve the high-end orientation of the product structure.

1. High-tech and high value-added ship. Seize the favorable opportunity of continuous high demand for the ship model with complicated technology, rapidly enhance the design and building level of the LNG ship and large LPG ship to create the high-end brand; break through the luxury cruise ship design and building technology and actively conduct development of the new channel ship and new energy ship of the north pole.

2. Super energy-saving and environment friendly ship. Through breaking through the ship body linear design technology, structure optimization technology, resistance and consumption reduction technology, efficient propulsion technology, emission control technology, energy recycling technology, clean energy and renewable resource utilization technology, develop the energy-saving and environment friendly ship with leading level to greatly reduce its energy consumption and emission.

3. Intelligent ship. Through breaking through the key information technology applied to the ship such as automation technology, computer technology, network communication technology and Internet of Things technology, achieve the ship engine room automation, sailing automation, mechanical automation and loading automation as well as lane planning, ship driving, sailing posture adjustment, equipment monitoring and loading and unloading management to enhance the intelligentization level of the ship.


(IV)Core supporting equipment

Next key development point of the supporting field: First, promote integrated, intelligentized and modularized development of the advantageous supporting product and master the core design and manufacturing technology; second, accelerate development and industrialization of the ship and ocean engineering supporting product with proprietary brand.

1.Power system. Mainly promote the independent development of the low and medium-speed diesel engine used for the propulsion ship and development of the double fuel/ pure gas motor used for the ship, break through the overall design technology, manufacturing technology and experiment verification technology; make a breakthrough in such key diesel engine parts and systems as high pressure common rail fuel injection system, intelligent electronic control system, EGR system and SCR device to achieve the integrated supply; promote development of such power-driven and transmission device as new propulsion device, motor, power station and electric propulsion device to form the balanced supply capacity.


2.Electromechanical control equipment. Take the intelligentization, modularization and system integration as a key breakthrough direction and enhance the standardization and universality of such supporting equipment as deck machinery, cabin equipment and guiding equipment to achieve the intelligent control and maintenance and automatic operation of the equipment.


3.Dedicated device of the ocean engineering equipment. Enhance the development level of such dedicated system equipment of the ocean engineering as drilling system, dynamic positioning system, single point mooring system and underwater pipe-laying system to form the industrialized capacity.


4.Underwater production system and key equipment. Mainly break through the underwater production system technology and key underwater product and control system technology of the underwater oil recovery wellhead, Christmas tree, manifold, cross-under pipe, submarine pipeline and stand pipe to achieve the industrialized application.



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