Department of Ocean Science and Engineering Sincerely Invited Excellent Senior High School Students of 2016 Scientific and Technological Innovative Experience Camp of SUSTC
2016-12-03   |   8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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The Department of Ocean Science and Engineering sincerely invited excellent senior high school students of 2016 scientific and technological innovative experience camp of SUSTC and delivered the lecture of ocean science popularization in classroom 404 of No. 1 teaching building on the morning of December 3, 2016.



图1 陈晓非院士介绍海洋系



图2 杨挺教授作报告


On behalf of dean and professor Yongshun CHEN, Xiaofei CHEN, academician of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering expressed his welcome to the senior high schools students. SUSTC has such advantages as advanced school running concept, first-class faculty and high internationalization. He hoped that SUSTC may become their ideal university. Next, he introduced development of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering in detail. Although it has a short history, it develops rapidly. At present, it has 1 academician, 2 Chang Jiang Scholars, 2 members of Thousand Talents Plan of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, 3 members of national outstanding youth foundation and 2 members of One-thousand-young-talents Scheme of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. Three Ocean Science Research Centers with significant characteristics will be constructed within 5 years, including Marine Geophysics and Physical Oceanography Research Center, Marine Microorganism and Biogeochemistry Research Center and Ocean Engineering and Technical Research Center, which will achieve the breakthrough research achievements in terms of the major international science issues through gathering the most advantageous domestic and overseas research efforts, so as to form the highlight of the ocean science research of SUSTC. 



图3 张传伦教授作报告



图4 同学们积极回答问题



图5 刘青松教授作报告


Next, four professors of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering including Ting YANG, Chuanlun ZHANG, Qingsong LIU and Yong BAI delivered the relevant science popularization lectures about the knowledge in the ocean field respectively. They led the students to explore the unknown ocean world with vivid and interesting interpretation and students expressed their strong interest in the ocean science and actively raised questions, which were answered in detail by the professors with patience. After lectures, students surrounded the professors to size the opportunity for further communication and exchange and took group photos with them. Finally, they said that they would try their best to meet each other on campus of SUSTC in September next year. 



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