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If you are passionate about ocean, if you can stand the difficulties brings by the storms, if you have faith for the unknown future;
Here will be a harbor for your voyage;
We have international vision, let us help you sail with professional knowledge!


Master solid and broad theoretical basis and systematic knowledge of the subject. Posses the ability of scientific research or undertaking special technical work, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation; understand frontier and trend of discipline development in special field; possess teamwork spirit, and able to make innovative achievements in special technology or scientific research aspects, becoming senior professionals in socialist construction service.


Master basic theory and specialty knowledge, specialty skills and methods of the subject system, possess the ability for actual work and basic scientific research, which is suitable for modern science and technology development and social needs, with moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development in a comprehensive way, with innovative ideology and entrepreneurial spirit, and cultivate senior professional academic talents competent for engaging in ocean science teaching, scientific r...

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