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If you are passionate about ocean, if you can stand the difficulties brings by the storms, if you have faith for the unknown future;
Here will be a harbor for your voyage;
We have international vision, let us help you sail with professional knowledge!



The students are trained with good moral and humanism, and master marine science specific professional knowledge and special skills. After graduate, they will become special high-quality scientific and technological talents with international vision and correct view of the ocean, and have the ability to engage in scientific research, teaching, management and technology research and development in marine science and related fields.

Minimum Requirements

Mainly studying mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, marine science basic theories and knowledge, and professional knowledge in specific areas of marine science; mastering oceanographic survey, ocean observation, data analysis and other marine science specialized field work methods; obtaining the abilities to carry out experimental design, collect data, solve scientific and practical problems.

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Basic Curriculum

Professional courses are divided into specialized basic courses and professional elective courses, the main features are: 1) combining scientific theory and engineering applications; 2) cross and integration multidisciplinary.




专业选修课程(10门,共25学分) 包括:

Major Professional Experiment

  • Marine Geology Experiments
  • Physical Oceanography Experiments
  • Marine chemistry experiment
  • Microbial oceanographic experiment
  • Marine Environment Science Experiments
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